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AIC Rail provides maintenance and manufacturing solutions for rail car wheel and repair shops. AIC Rail has been providing products and services to the rail industry for over 22 years. Over 95% of all railcar wheels mounted in North America are documented per AAR regulations using AIC Rail products. 

The Railcar Integrated Maintenance Suite (RIMS) is a suite of applications to simplify tracking repairs to railcars. With RIMS, you can enforce quality inspections and track all components used to repair your equipment. Our Car Builder ensures quality and provides component tracking in new car manufacturing facilities.

The Wheel Shop Management Suite (WSMS) is a productivity powerhouse for managing your wheelsets in the shop. The WSMS provides access to real-time production data for your shop from anywhere via the internet. The WSMS enforces quality inspections, reporting, wheelset tracking, and supervisory functions. With the WSMS, you can keep informed of production totals, scrap rates, machine efficiency and more without interrupting your production.

AIC also supplies equipment for wheel manufacturing and quality assurance. All of our equipment is integrated with our suite of applications to provide complete monitoring of production and quality. 

Systems Integrator for Manufacturing and Machine Control

AIC was established in 1993 to provide automation and data collection services to manufacturers. Since 1993 we have served companies in 8 countries and most states in the US. 


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AIC is made up a of a team of dedicated people who strive to achieve excellence.