Bearing Press Recorder

The Bearing Press Recorder is the latest addition to the Wheel Shop Management Suite of products. The Bearing Press Recorder will record and store mounting charts for bearings pressed on by single or double ended bearing presses used in most shops. 


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Bearing Press Station

The Bearing Press Recorder replaces our existing Bearing Tracking Station. Asside from recording the bearing mounting charts, it also collects the bearing information. It is  compliant with the AAR S-920 for collectin the bearing data required to register wheelsets.


Shop Manager view of Mounting Charts

The bearing mounting charts are available in Shop Manager for reviewing and reporting. 

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Click the image to download a PDF of the report. 

Bearing Mount Analysis Report

The Bearing Press Recorder also stores a time stamp when recording for time based analysis. 

The charts available are:

  • Force vs. Distance
  • Force vs Time
  • Distance vs Time